Game Over ? Answer Is No If You Have A Modded Gaming Console

Just like people root Android phones or jailbreak I-Phones to enjoy the benefits that were hidden by the manufacturer or to add extra functionality to the phone, gaming consoles and controllers can be modified to gain awesome capabilities for your gaming avatar.

What Can You Do With A Modded Console or Controller?

Have you ever wished that you could play your favourite old school Nintendo or SEGA games on a PS3? Actually you can! With a modded PS3. You can even play home brew – consumer created- games on a PS3 or Xbox, not to mention you can play PS2 games on your modded PS4. You can run Linux on your Xbox or PlayStation which opens up whole new possibilities. You can transfer your gaming files from your modded Xbox or PlayStation to a DVD (which amounts to piracy). You can modify your console to bypass the rules of any particular game. You can install rapid fire chip in your controller and play Call of Duty like a pro. You can play God, if you have a modded console.

            However, modifying consoles is not legal. As far as copyright law is concerned if one modifies a console, he is in turn modifying the firmware, which is not allowed. This is where vendors like Megamods comes in. Modding shops like this do not tinker with gaming console. Rather, they tinker with controllers. The specialized chips, that modded controllers have, do not modify the codes of the firmwares of the consoles. A modded controller is perfectly legal. A cleverly modified controller can make you undefeated in any game, all the while keeping you out of any legal trouble.

Huge Variety of Modded Controllers

If you go to the online store of a company like Megamods- which sells modded controllers – you will be overwhelmed to see the huge collection of modded controllers belonging to all the popular platform. A controller can be modified in various ways. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Rapid Fire Controllers- There is a chip, which when installed inside a console-controller, can make single-fire guns shoot like a fully automatic machine gun. Since you are emptying your bullets faster, there is a need to reload faster too. So Rapid Fire Controllers typically come with fast reload mod.
  2. Aimbot Controller- While shooting, gamers always look for the chance to head-shot the opponents. With a modified controller, auto-aim becomes easier to achieve,
  3. Rifle Modification- Many a times, to have a better chance at headshot, the player needs to jump and shoot at the same time. Rifle mod does exactly that. Jump-shooting also makes you harder to be shot at.
  4. Building Mod- You want to hide from your opponents, you want to trap them inside a structure. With Fast build mod, you can enter build mode instantly. What’s more, you can dedicate each of the paddles on the controller to build specific structures.

            Next time if a player calls you ‘noob’ head to the websites of vendors like Megamods and buy these modded controllers. Own the battle ground, perform headshots to your heart’s content and be hero!