Eternal Palace – Azshara Kill

Ashara. There was no creature so powerful as evil in this world. But once, she was revered so much that people literally worshiped and prayed to her, because in her time she had made many good things. She became the last queen, because after her terrible betrayal, literally split the continent into two, the elves did not want a ruler.


Once, Azshara was the most outstanding elf. There was no creature smarter than her, more beautiful or more powerful. For its magical potential, it is still considered the most powerful. The queen came from a noble family of the Highborne, and like many members of her race, she was fascinated by the power of the Well of Eternity, she was fascinated by its secrets. Is it any wonder that her first order after the coronation was the raising of the palace on one of the shores of the Well. Her greatness has grown so much, that the commoners who love her and the nobility called the capital by her name – Zin-Azshari, which means “Glory to Azshara”.

After the construction of the palace, the queen with her nobility retired in it and they began magical experiments with the Well of eternity. Every day they invented more powerful spells, their rituals grew darker. They cared little that the waters of the Well blackened more and more, it went so far that the darkness swallowed them up completely. And what is even worse – Evil itself heard them. The ancient titan Sargeras, lord of the Burning Legion, enslaved the minds and souls of Azshara and her nobility. He ordered them to build a huge portal through which demons could break into this world. He promised the queen and her comrades paradise on their lands. But in fact, he brought only pain and destruction.

Then, the War of the Ancients began. The rebelled night elves managed to close the portal before Sargeras came out and they tried to Azshara kill. But at this very moment, the Well of Eternity could not withstand the enormous magical loads and fell through the earth, split the continent in two, passed through the core of the planet and destroyed. But the queen was not for nothing considered the most powerful creature on the planet at the time, she was able to negotiate with the ancient god N’Zoth, in exchange for the eternal service of drowned elves, he turned them into crawling nagas, thus giving rise to a new race. And Azshara became one of the TOP raid bosses, comparable to JainaProudmoore.
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Drop from Azshara:

Mounts from Azshara do not drop. But there are as many as 4 combat pets: MindlostBloodfrenzy, Lightless Ambusher, Nameless Octopode, Zanj’ir Poker. Also, depending on the difficulty, you get a different reward. For killing Azshara on normal difficulty, you will receive equipment of level 415+, if you complete the raid on the difficulty of “heroic”, you will receive the heroic feat “Hero of your Time”, and also get equipment of 430+ level. If you are such a badass and went through a raid on a mythical difficulty, you will receive the status of “Eternal” and equipment level 445+.

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