Ring Of Elysium A Guide And Tips For Every Beginner

Ring Of Elysium: A Guide And Tips For Every Beginner

If you have heard about the Ring Of Elysium before, then you probably already know that this is not the kind of game that is easy to win from. Now that its mobile version is available, the Ring of Elysium mobile is probably one5 of the most awaited games this 2019. If you are curious about the game, then this article is definitely for you.

Learning About Ring Of Elysium Mobile

If you are a new player, do not feel overwhelmed by the game. All you need is a simple beginner’s guide that can walk you through on what you need to know about the Ring of Elysium android. According to https://ringofelysiummobile.com, there are now plenty of Battle Royale games online and the Ring of Elysium on phone has one of the biggest maps there is. The game only caters to 60 players max who will fight to win.

Tips To Win Ring Of Elysium

Once you have the Ring of Elysium mobile download on your mobile device, you should know that among the 60 players, only one player will come out as the winner and in order to be that player, there are a lot of things to consider aside from the Ring of Elysium android gameplay. This is why you need a comprehensive guide that can lead you to your victory. And this article is what you need to achieve that. So here are some of the things that you need to know to be on top of your game:


  • When On Zipline, Change Locations. When you are using a zip line and you are going in the wrong direction, the Android Ring of Elysium will let you change the direction by simply pressing “S”. This can come in handy when you feel that you will be heading to a heavy firefight.
  • Spawn Carefully. You should always remember that when you spawn on the map of Ring of Elysium for android, you should be mindful of where you drop. If you spawn way outside the circle, then you might have a problem running across the map all throughout the game just to get inside the circle.
  • Always Mark Your Target. While you are in the game with your Ring of Elysium iOS, always remember that when you spot an enemy, press Q to mark your target. This way, you will have an idea about how far your target is from where you are standing. This can be very helpful if you are playing on a team so that you can inform them of the exact location of the enemy.
  • Footstep Noise Should Be Low. With the Ring of Elysium download game, the key to catching other players is by listening to their footsteps or their movement noise. So you should keep your footstep noise as low as you can by crouching or by moving slowly. You should also keep your ears open for any movement or footstep noise.
  • Drop Useless Items. Your pack cannot carry a lot of things. Remember that the mobile Ring of Elysium will not tell you to drop items. You can do it manually. Just press and hold the “Ctrl” and then drag the item to the center so that you can indicate how much of it would you like to drop.

Why Download Ring OF Elysium Mobile?

Now that you can have access to theRing of Elysium APK download as long as you have the Ring of Elysium APK, practicing the game and getting used to it is now easier. It is much convenient that playing on your PC. So what are you waiting for? Get the Ring of Elysium APK today so that you will have your own game directly on your mobile device.