Fundamentals of Football Defense, Newbies Step by Step Guidelines

Fundamentals of Football Defense, Newbies Step by Step Guidelines

Football has a tangled history, but what do you really need to know about one of the world’s most popular sports? Football’s contemporary history dates back to 1863, more than a century ago in England. The Football Association, the sport’s first recognized governing body, was created after rugby football and association football, there are other associations as well such as Bundesliga league and many more.

Based on what we know about the history of ball sports where the use of feet predominates, we can clearly see the impact of many cultures and varieties on the game we play today. For beginners, the foundations of sport defense described below would be quite beneficial.


It’s critical that we get our alignment right every time we play. The formation of the offense must be adjusted. On any side, we cannot allow the offense to overwhelm or outflank us. The offensive comprises six players on the right side and three on the left side. Because there are more players lined up to one side, this is an uneven formation. We must adjust our defense to account for the attacking guys set up on the right side.


Tackling is the key to coaching kids football defense. Regardless of strategy, a good tackling defense will have a lot of success. The most significant tackling techniques are angle and open field tackling. Angle and open field tackling, in particular, should be practiced frequently. Form tackling drills are a wonderful place to start. Your defense takes pride in making sure tacklers both within the box and out in space.

Defeat Destruction

If players can’t get off blocks, they can’t tackle the ball carrier. The offensive will not only allow you to tackle the running back, but will also attempt to block you. The attack will attempt to stifle the defense.

The Football Pursuit

Another area of defense where we take pride is getting every defender to the ball carrier. It’s critical to approach the ball at the proper angle. The “big play” is rarely given up by defenses that are able to get to the ball. Our motto is “swarm to the ball.” A dominant defense is known for its gang tackling. The key to a great team youth football defense is securing gaps, getting to pursuit lanes, and gang tackling. Hold containment, gaps, and SWARM to the ball with passion and energy, to cut a long story short.

Creating a Turnaround

It is quite important for your team to have a high turnover rate. It’s demoralizing for the other team, but it’s a major plus for the team who caused the turnover. Swarming to the ball is crucial for turnovers and a strong football defense. The most important thing is to get the tackle first. When defensive players gang tackle, they might hack at the ball, resulting in turnovers.