What Makes a League of Legends Smurf Account Worth It

What Makes a League of Legends Smurf Account Worth It

Maybe you’ve enjoyed a lot playing league of legends and you suddenly ranked up so high, and that is good though. But what happens next is a struggle on how you can win a game.

It is no denial to the fact that as you go on a higher level, the chances of beating the game decreases too. Your character thus levels up and so is your enemies. For some, it has caused them extreme struggle on beating the game. Instead of enjoying it, they spend time on thinking about how they can win, again.

Next thing you know is that you are just stuck on a certain level and your game became stagnant. When that happens, you no longer find interest in playing. Which technically is a bad thing.

What you needed if things went like this is to purchase a smurf account on Game Store online at https://gamestore.live.

But why do you need a smurf account? Today’s blog will tell you why! Let’s check this out below!


Reasons Why You Need a Smurf Account 

Whether you are diehard League of Legends fan or you just love to play casual games, every player needs a smurf account. Basically, having a smurf account makes you a much better player, it also allows you to understand the game and saves you into a huge amount of time wasting.

For more reasons check this out below…

1 Saves time. This is the most obvious reason why gamers buy or have a LoL smurf account. Not just a little bit of time, but a lot of valuable game time. Basically, before a player ranked up in matches, they must first achieve the max level. Since all accounts start at the lowest of the level, this can take them ages to reach the highest level. Buying a smurf account at https://gamestore.live makes things faster to let them dive into the fun and avoid mundane tasks on the game.

2 Teaches yourself to become better. A smurf account can make a better test account. Indeed it can be good for testing new champions. Having it as a test account makes sure your rating is safe and never at risk. This also means if you own noobs, you will also be able to pass knowledge into your main account.

3 Masks your real identity. Do you wanna play without your friends knowing it was actually you they are playing with? Then buying a smurf account at https://gamestore.live can help. Aside from that, there are also other serious reasons why someone wants to mask their identity.

There are players who were known to be in the game, and sometimes some players don’t usually go along to compete with them— what they get is rejection. Another thing is to make sure that you don’t disappoint those people who believed in your game skills. Owning a smurf account don’t just masks your identity but also your pride and ego as a player.