Beginners’ Golf Clubs - Which Is The Best Choice For You

Beginners’ Golf Clubs – Which Is The Best Choice For You?

When it comes to golf clubs, you have a lot to choose from. But if you are a beginner, making the choice can be confusing. You might not get the right information from your friends which is why you need a simple guide when picking the right golf clubs for beginners. If you check out golf clubs for beginner reviews, there are three types of golf clubs that are highly recommended for you: fairway woods, drivers, and hybrids.

The Best Golf Club For Beginners 

Knowing which golf club is suitable for your experience is important. Golf may look easy, but this sport can be complicated if you are not using the right golf club. Beginners and pros have different preferences with golf clubs. To give you an idea of the right choice for you, here are the best golf clubs for novices.

Meet The Drivers.

This is the most important club in every golf bag. This is by far the golf club that can have the most positive impact, especially for beginners. If you are trying to determine if how many golf clubs should you have in a set, always take the driver into consideration. A driver will usually have the largest head, the lowest loft, and it has the longest shaft among the clubs in your bag.

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Modern drivers will usually have heads that are made of hollowed titanium and the shaft are usually made of graphite that has different tensions. Remember that among the golf clubs, the drivers are not designed to be hit off the ground but instead, it is specifically designed for hitting off of a tee and produce a maximum head speed and velocity while still maintaining the balance and control.

Meet The Fairway Woods. 

The golf clubs in this category has a very important role in the sport. The heads of fairway woods are smaller compared to those of the driver. The loft is usually between 12 to 18 degrees. This is the best choice for beginners because the most recommended for those who are new to the sport is a golf club with 17 degrees.

Meet the Hybrids.

The hybrid golf clubs are the newest addition to the long clubs. They are versatile clubs that has the capability to replace plenty of iron clubs: from 2-iron to 8-iron loft. The head of the hybrid clubs is shaped similar to those of the fairway woods. The only difference is that they are more shallow and smaller in size. These clubs have a larger sweet spot and also a lower center of gravity compared to the long irons. This is why they are considered as the great replacement for iron clubs these days. With the hybrid, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Expert’s Advice For Beginners 

According to experts, the number one mistake that beginners commit is directly going to the sop and buying an entire golf club set. This is so wrong because the bundled price may seem like a good deal but with this, you will end up buying clubs that are still not suited for your playing level. It is best to start investing in 5 to 6  individual pieces. But still, make sure that they are more suitable for your needs. Always take into consideration the QUALITY over quantity. You can buy just a few pieces that are fit to your level which will allow you to play and perform better.