buying any used console

Checking the console before buying any used console is very important to you

Nowadays there are many ways to retouch the images and apart there are details that are not shown in the photos, for retouched images you do not have to worry so much in relation to the sale of used consoles, they are rare, so they are detectable very fast if you look at them a bit.

As for the photos, ask for as many as you can and you can think of. But,you must ask a complete photo shoot of the console. In the photos you can see with a little more calm as the console is externally, and if you see something weird or that catches your attention, you must ask the seller and if you get to go through the console, review those details that you saw in the photos. You can also visit this website about original console games and see the entire world of console gaming.

Other reviews

When you get to the house of the person, ask him to lend the console to see it, here is the time to review everything as if you were the person in charge of quality control, but less thorough, review mainly the buttons, if there are scratches, cables and accessories, if you have any sign of any glue.

One of the important things, the screws, if these are swept or with signs that they were already used and if the console has not been modified to change your hard drive, this may be a warning signal that the console maybe it already had some damage and was repaired or in a very bad case they had to do rebelling.

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Live reviewing

To the person who is selling the console, ask him to lend you a game and at least try the console for 5 to 10 minutes or check all its functions and if they work, like connecting to the internet, read the discs well, well control and all accessories, etc.

As a recommendation, try to go one or two days before you rest, this so that the day you rest you already have the console in your hands and now if it is time to try it out full, play more than 1 hour, prove that connect to the online, play movies, among other things that you can think of, so if on your day of rest something fails you can talk to the person to be able to agree and decide what to do with the console.

Other options

The word refurbished is something despised by many people, because it is practically a product that had a fault was returned, its piece was replaced and it was released for sale again.Now let’s go to the other side of the refurbished, this is done by people outside the company and often these alleged arrangements are very bad, but if you know something is to find an honest technician would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.